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FALA2010 Albayzin 2010 Evaluations

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Albayzin 2010 Evaluation Campaign


In order to promote the development of language and speech technologies and to encourage research labs to assess the performance of their research systems, the Spanish Speech Technologies Thematic Network (Red Temática en Tecnologías del Habla) has been performing in conjunction with the “IV y V Jornadas en Tecnologías del Habla” the Albayzín 2006 and Albayzín 2008 evaluation campaigns. Following the success of the above Albayzín evaluation campaigns, this year the Albayzín 2010 evaluation campaign will be performed. The results of the evaluations will be presented during the FALA 2010 workshop (Joint VI Jornadas en Tecnologías del Habla/II SIG-IL Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Iberian Languages), to be held in Vigo from 10th to 12th November 2010.

Having in mind time and resources restrictions, a maximum number of three evaluation tracks are envisaged.


General conditions for participation

The participants undertake to present the evaluation results in a special session during the FALA 2010 workshop that will be held in Vigo from 10th to 12th November 2010. Participants can take part individually or as a team.



The participant with the best result in each evaluation task will be awarded a diploma and a gift valuated on 200-300 € approx.


Awards Recipients

  • Speech Synthesis: AHOLAB - University of Basque Country
  • Audio Segmentation:  GTH from the Technical University of Madrid and GPM from the Carlos III University of Madrid
  • Speaker Diarization: AHOLAB - University of Basque Country
  • Language Recognition: VIVOLAB - University of Zaragoza